McGrumpy and Snuffles

McGrumpy and Snuffles is an independent company specialising in high quality, natural treats, foods and toys. Our main focus is on dogs but we also stock a small range of items for other animals. 

You can visit our shop at Duck Farm Court, Aylesbury, HP20 2SQ. We are open Monday to Saturday from 1000 until 1730 (later opening available and private shopping can be arranged) . Dogs are always welcome. Please note that we are open on occasional Sundays but please check facebook or call for details. 

Many of our treats are compatible with raw feeding and we proudly only include treats where all the ingredients are sourced and made within the UK and EU with selected ranges sourced from USA or New Zealand. 

We stock a hand-picked range of quality toys and dog accessories including toys made from recycled materials, guaranteed toys for heavy duty play and stock products from smaller independent manufacturers that are hard to find elsewhere.  

We stock a wide range of surgical recovery items, products for show dogs, and specialist gundog training items from leading experts We also sell a range of natural health care products.

Our products are chosen with care to reflect good value for money and durability. We stock products recommended by vets and behaviourists and are happy to offer advice to assist with your purchase.  Use the link on the left to go to our shop.

We also offer a variety of specialised services for responsible breeders including bespoke puppy packs;  please contact us for details.

Mcgrumpy and Snuffles can also source specific items for working dogs (including search and rescue) and service dogs and we are happy to offer a hero dog discount - just contact us for details.

Various discounts and events are organised and all English Toy Terrier Society Members are very welcome to attend.


Eden Holistic Pet Foods are an independent, family owned company based in the rural countryside of Staffordshire. The company was formed in 2011 with the aim of producing foods that support the health and vitality of our own animals and has since grown and flourished into the business we have today.

As a qualified nutritionist I have more than a keen interest in what we as humans eat and the effect that poor diet has on our health. My approach has always been to educate my clients and support them using a natural holistic approach.

My interest in animal nutrition came about after talking to our local vet who was a keen advocate of “The Ancestral Diet”. The principle was very simple; feed your animal what they would have historically eaten in the wild. Both Cats and Dogs are carnivores and ,although selective breeding means that they do not look like their wolf and wild cat ancestors, they share 99.9% of the mitochondrial DNA. In other words, from a nutritional perspective, todays pets and their wild ancestors require similar food.


We were referred by a number of vets and animal nutritionists to a very interesting web site: www.dogfoodanalysis.com which is an independent resource containing reviews of over 1500 dried dog foods along with a star based ratings system for easy guidance. At the time we were using a well know brand and I was shocked to see that it was only given a 2 star rating, so my quest began! On a Mission to produce a top quality food, working with animal nutritionists and vets, the aim was to make a dried complete food that mirrored the biologically aligned “Ancestral Diet” of our pets whilst using the very best nutritionally aligned ingredients.

As a result of this hard work, Eden is the first British pet food company to achieve the highest possible rating of 5 stars on the great dog food review site: www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk, where you will see useful breakdowns of what ingredients are beneficial for your dog, how brands measure up, as well as stockists for individual companies.

Paul & Carol Conquest



Eden offer 20% discount to all club members 

Truly an English breed, as "English" as roast beef, the E.T.T. has established itself in many countries of the world where its compact size, delightful temperament and clean short-coated body wins admirers wherever it is seen.

This book is all about them. Their roots, their development from pure ratting terriers to today's top show dogs and companions par excellence.

Author Roy Wilson has together with wife, Mary, helped establish one of the most respected English Toy Terrier kennels of recent years. He is a Championship Show judge, breed writer, breeder and exhibitor of long standing.  "Amalek" English Toy Terriers (Black & Tan)


For signed copies please email etts.secretary@gmail.com